To our valued Customer:

For your convenience and ultimate experience

Vanex is Re-building the business to give

you the best possible experience we can give with the

products and services that we offer.

For a short period of time we will be offline...

as we are re-structuring our website

You will expect this Offers

  • Added affordable video and photo services
  • Wedding Videos will be very clear and crisp using HD (1080i) video technology
  • Fast workflows to deliver your products faster
  • Online Photo Sales - to facilitate buying of photos from events via online using your paypal credit cards or any other forms of payment methods.

Additional Services

  1. Framing Services
  2. Art Canvass Printing (Large Prints)
  3. Studio Photo Shoots for Family
  4. Product and Commercial Photography
  5. Lighted Signs and Posters
  6. Build Up Signs
  7. Product Packaging
  8. Brochures and Marketing Materials For Business
  9. Tarpaulins and marketing material that sells
  10. Online Wedding Invitation and other cards

Rebuilding Workflow for Your Total Experience

We are adding more talented personnel to give you unparelled service

  • graphics artists
  • videographers
  • photographers
  • lighted casts fabricators and installers
  • sales and account personnel to follow up your products and services

We will be back soon. Stay Tuned...